Another good find among German wrongfully underestimated wines is Müller-Thurgau, which is basically a hybrid that’s a cross of Riesling and an obscure variety called Madeleine Royal. Just like that, the production vineyard of the Staatlicher Hofkeller has been making Franken wines since the year 1128.  Whoa. This winery is owned by the Bavarian state,…

Best German Wines

Best German Wines

Most of the times if you say “wine”, most of the people will instantly come up with “France” in their associative thinking… But despite that popular notion, not all the wine comes from that European country. In fact, besides the US having a 15% cap in the worldwide wine trade total, such countries as Argentina,…

Brief History of Jorden

When Jerome’s father, Albert Gignac first moved from Saint-Etienne, France to New York City, he had just a small amount of his savings, memories of the pre-war vineyards he has lost and a desire to be able to produce the fine wine again. It will be consisting of our most popular dishes, as well as…

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Our team is sure, that wine can be a heart and soul of absolutely any event or an occasion... Choose us and we'll cater your event with a variety of different wines, with our sommeliers for help. read more