A long and natural aging process

The Bouquet of Daniel Bouju Cognacs

As soon as the distilling process is over, the new eaux-de-vie begin to age in our earthen-floored cellars. Some cellars are humid and others dry, which affords harmonious maturing conditions. This long maturing process happens in oak barrels containing principally between 350 to 400 liters. Only a small portion of our production will be aged in new oak barrels, whereas the rest will age in older barrels. Once the aging process is finished, the oak barrels will have given Daniel Bouju Cognacs their rich, deep, and warm color. This aging gives Daniel Bouju Cognacs their sweet taste and enchanting aroma, making them unique in personality and character amongst other cognacs. Over time, our eaux-de-vie acquire the signature smooth taste that defines the renown of Daniel Bouju Cognacs.

The Daniel Bouju Brand…

… the result of a craft approach above all else.

The white grape variety, Ugni-blanc, is harvested with care. This late-maturing variety is known and used for its resistance to diseases, and produces a wine with a high acidity rate and a low alcohol percentage due to its low sugar content—two ideal characteristics in quality cognac eaux-de-vie.

We press the grapes immediately after the harvest in our own winemaking cellars. It is only after the natural fermentation of the grape juice that we obtain this highly-acidic and low-alcohol white wine. Closely monitored from the moment the grapes were harvested, this wine will be distilled in our own local and traditionally-made 16.5 hl (436 gallon) still. Our unfiltered wines distilled with their sediment are produced exclusively in our vineyard.

The highlight of our craft is the distilling process done by our staff. Our 16.5 hl (436 gallon) still allows us to include only the volatile compounds that make up the essence of our cognac’s bouquet. The distilling process demands constant monitoring. At this moment, with respect for the family method and ancestral craftsmanship, we imbue our cognac with the elements that make its character. The unique and delicate fragrance, the finest bouquet, and that abundance of taste mark our signature cognacs.

Next comes the aging of the cognac in oak barrels. The wood will give the Cognac its bouquet as well as its final color. These natural characteristics transfer to the eau-de-vie, whose color turns from yellow to a fiery brown.

During its long years in the barrel, the Cognac will evolve through contact with the oak and the air. It progressively loses alcoholic strength through evaporation… and some of its volume! That’s what we call “the angels’ share.” This evaporation is the equivalent to thousands of bottles every year, which feeds a microscopic fungus called Torula Compniacensis. This spore covers and blackens buildings’ walls and roofs in the Cognac region.

Our Carafes, Bottles, and Box Sets

The highest quality presentation for an exceptional product

Our products range from a minimum five-year-old cognac to a more than 80-year-old cognac presented either traditionally or in a luxury gift box.

French Markets & Exportation

Customers and distributors can be found on every continent.

In France, Daniel Bouju Cognac is exclusively found in specialized wine boutiques. Their cognacs are not mass distributed.

Around the world, Daniel Bouju Cognac and Pineau des Charentes are imported and distributed by the finest wine boutiques and restaurateurs in Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia (Japan, Hong Kong), Russia, and all the way to Israel.

Daniel Bouju establishes long-term partnerships with importers and works side by side to help with marketing, communication (product description and branding, image selection, and organizing tastings…). If the importer deems it necessary, Daniel Bouju can intercede to train managers and representatives to acquire a true understanding of Cognac culture, and of our product and brand.

Having strong relationships with partner importers and distributors is vital to Daniel Bouju Cognac.