Brut de Fut

Brut de Fût

Grande Champagne

Grape Variety
Ugni Blanc

First in new Limousin style oak barrels of average and thick wood grain.

50 % ABV : This cognac was first aged in new oak barrels, then in old barrels. Unfiltered and cask strength cognac. Vibrant and bright amber color. Extremely rich aromas of cigar cases, old Limousin oak, candied cherries, vanilla, dried fruits, cocoa, and peppery spices. The structure is opulent, complex, and elegant with an impressive and surprisingly fresh depth. A strong, warm cognac, with a very long finish. Full-bodied and showing a wide range of flavors, this is a perfect cognac to enjoy with your favorite cigar… An exceptional and very old cognac, distinctive and representative of Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac. A taste you will never forget.

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