Pineau des Charentes

A Fruity Pineau

Bring our unusual and sweet Pineau des Charentes to your table; our Pineau is an excellent accompaniment to your gatherings

As a cognac producer with superb vines, it is only natural that Daniel Bouju also offers their own Pineau des Charentes, which is a subtle marriage of eau-de-vie, cognac, and grape must. Our Pineau des Charentes is of course developed from our Grande Champagne cognac and from the grape must collected during our harvests.

Pineau des Charentes must age in oak barrels for at least 18 months according to regulations. For this, we use old barrels that previously served to age cognac. It’s during this phase that the liqueur wine acquires its robe, or special aromatic composition. At the Daniel Bouju estate, we wait at least four years before placing any Pineau des Charentes on the market. Our Pineau des Charentes has the color of freshly-harvested straw. Clear and bright, with intense aromas of yellow and white fruits. The fruity, sweet flavors coat the palette.

Its 18% alcoholic volume makes it the perfect drink for an aperitif, and we recommend drinking it while chilled, without ice that would water down the taste. Place the bottle in the refrigerator a few hours before uncorking so that it reaches the optimal temperature between 8°C to 10°C (46°F to 50° F). The Pineau is also a respected culinary ingredient which adds sophistication to your savory or sweet dishes.

Our Pineau des Charentes is certified “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” (Controlled Appellation of Origin) as the grape must and cognac eau-de-vie come from a designated area.