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Terroir : Grande Champagne

Grape Variety : Ugni Blanc 

Ageing : In Limousin type oak barrels, large grain or medium grain. Cask strength, unfiltered.

Tasting : 60% vol. With its amber colour and red highlights this aromatically powerful cognac submerges you in a whirlwind of freshness, mild fruity notes, and peppery spices.

The nose is tasty, with dried apricots, very ripe nearly candied red berries. Subtle notes of orange marmalade and liquorice root. A beautiful bouquet with a minty freshness kick.

The palate, opulent and flavourful allows a multitude of savours to burst forth with a stunning freshness. All in smoothness with a hint of brown sugar which reveals notes of liquorice and dark chocolate with black cherries. The woody notes recalling chestnut honey blend in with the underlying caramelised mellowness. Spicy twist of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper. 

The finish is long, neat, and rich yet not heady and is remaining very fresh.

Its highly aromatic and audacious style makes it a Cognac for connoisseurs and pairs perfectly with a cigar.

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