In the heart of Grande Champagne
Cognac Daniel BOUJU

Artisanal production since 1805


Our vineyard is located in the heart of the region’s best-quality wine, Grande Champagne, which produces the finest cognac. More precisely, we cultivate a 30-hectare (74-acre) vineyard in the small village of Saint-Preuil, numbering 289 souls, ideally located at the heart of the Premier Cru de Cognac (First Growth). Due to an exceptional terroir, both soil and microclimate combine to create the best eaux-de-vie in the region.

Notre vignoble

C’est au cœur de la Grande Champagne, le cru d’Excellence de la région de production du Cognac, que se situe notre domaine viticole. C’est précisément à SAINT-PREUIL, petit village de 289 âmes, et idéalement situé au cœur du Premier Cru de Cognac que nous y cultivons aujourd’hui un vignoble de 30 hectares. Le sol et le microclimat de ce terroir d’exception permettent la production des meilleures eaux de vie de la région délimitée.


Creating spirits is both a passion and an Art that runs in the family, from one generation to the next. Today, this allows us to offer cognacs of the highest quality and authenticity which seduce hearts and delight our clients’ palates. Our trade and our products have always been at the heart of our everyday work.

It’s a truly special moment when dreams come true… Savoring Daniel Bouju Cognacs is one of those special moments. The deep amber color, unique and delicate flavors, finest bouquet, delicate aromas, and that surprisingly long finish are the qualities that make Daniel Bouju Cognac so special and appreciated worldwide by the most demanding connoisseurs.