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Tasting a cognac should always be a moment of pleasure… So simply enjoy it according to your desire of the moment.

Whether neat, with ice cubes, in a long drink, in a cocktail, as a digestif,… You will always find a  Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU  to satisfy your palate and above all, give you a lot of pleasure.
DANIEL BOUJU Cognacs will also go wonderfully with your dishes and desserts.

If you have one, we advise you to use a “tulip glass” with a skilfully designed shape to concentrate the aromas at its round base, then allow their release in a slow, delicate and progressive way for your greatest olfactory pleasure. Moreover, it is no coincidence that this type of glass is used by cellar masters.

Your first encounter with  Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU  will be visual. In the perfectly transparent glass and holding it by its foot, you will begin to appreciate its color. Then, the slightly inclined glass will allow you to admire its intensity and brilliance. And finally, you will contemplate the “tears” falling slowly along the wall.
Here is a nice invite…

Without moving the glass, bring it gently to your nose, and enjoy these extremely delicate and fleeting first notes (also called “the amount”). Then, a slight circular movement of the glass will let appear, more or less quickly depending on the age of the cognac, the essence of the perfume. For the  Old  and  Very Old Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU , you will have to be patient and give them a little more time. Time needed to appreciate this magnificent succession of rich, delicate and very fine notes that these exceptional Cognacs have to offer.
You will then feel transported like in an endless dream…

It is not without a certain impatience fueled by all these captivating notes that we arrive at the appetizer of  Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU .
A first tiny “swig” that is rolled over the tongue and the palate prepares the taste buds for this long-awaited encounter.
The second, will allow you to find the olfactory notes and to find others that the heat of the mouth will have helped to reveal. The  Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU  will then pleasantly line the walls of the mouth and reveal all its components which make it its great personality.
This is where the identity of  Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU reveals itself and that we recognize the personality of the house. Aromas and flavor combine to reveal the personal taste of each quality of cognac. From finesse, lightness, fruitiness and roundness, to softness and smoothness for the  Old  and  Very Old Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU  which will leave you with a sensation of warmth and smoothness of remarkable length.
And the taste buds are delighted…

With a young cognac, you can easily enhance your cocktails and aperitifs. Cognac cocktail recipes are numerous on the internet and know how to amaze the taste buds.
At the end of the meal, you can serve  Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU  in a tulip glass and share this moment of pleasure with your guests.

Beyond these two ways of consuming cognac, there is naturally everything that can be flambéed with cognac, such as scallops or prawns.

By adding a small amount to your meats such as lamb or duck, but also to salmon, you will bring a note of appreciated originality.

Finally,  Cognac Grande Champagne DANIEL BOUJU  is the final touch to add to your chocolate desserts, your tiramisus, fruit pies or Yule logs.