The tasting


Tasting Cognac should always be pleasurable… Therefore, enjoy it whenever the mood takes you.

Be it neat, on the rocks, in long drinks, in cocktails, or as an after-dinner drink… You will always find a Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac to satisfy your taste buds, and above all bring you great pleasure.

Daniel Bouju Cognac goes equally well with any dish or dessert. If you have one, we advise using a tulip-shaped glass made specifically to entrap aromas in the rounded bottom and then release them slowly and methodically to enhance your enjoyment of the pleasurable aromas. It’s not a coincidence that cellar masters use tulip-shaped glasses.

Your first contact with Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac will be visual. You start by appreciating its color in a perfectly clear glass while holding it at the foot. You can then admire its intensity and its clarity by slightly tilting the glass. Lastly, gaze at the legs that fall slowly back down the sides. This is an inviting temptation…

Without swirling, slowly bring the glass to your nose and appreciate the first delicate and ephemeral notes (also called le montant, or the arising, potential aromas ). A light, circular movement of the wrist, either more or less quickly depending on the age of the cognac, will bring out the essential flavors. You must be patient with Vieux (Old) and Très-Vieux (Very Old) Daniel Bouju Cognac, and give them more time for the flavors to arise. Time is necessary to appreciate the successive full-bodied and delicate notes that make Daniel Bouju Cognac the finest and most delicate of Cognacs d’exception. You will feel transported as though in a dream without end.

There is no doubt that you are feeling a certain impatience for that first taste of Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac after drinking in all the intoxicating fragrances.

The first small sip that you roll around on your tongue and palate prepares your taste buds for that long-awaited encounter.

The second sip lets you find the olfactory notes you have previously only smelled as well as others that the warmth of your mouth will reveal. Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac will coat the insides of your mouth and unveil all the components that make its great character.

It’s now that the individuality of Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac reveals itself and we can recognize the character of the vineyard. The aromas and flavors combine so you may discover individual flavors and traits of each cognac. From its smooth evenness to subtle, lightweight feeling, Vieux and Très-vieux Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognacs will bring out unctuous and warm sensations from a remarkable, long finish alongside its fruitiness and roundness. Your taste buds will be enchanted…

With the addition of young cognac, you can easily underscore your cocktails and aperitifs. There are numerous cognac-inspired cocktail recipes online that will astonish your taste buds.

At the end of a meal, treat your guests to Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognac in a tulip-shaped glass and share a special moment together.

Beyond these two options, there are of course other ways to enjoy cognac, such as in flambé dishes, for example in Coquilles Saint-Jacques or sautéed prawns.

Add a small amount of cognac to your meats, such as lamb or duck, and even on salmon to add a certain touch of desirable originality.

Finally, Daniel Bouju Grande Champagne Cognacs are the final touch to your chocolate desserts, tiramisus, fruit tarts, and bûches de Noël (Yule Logs).